2016 Sunday Afternoon Services @ The Mission 4pm

Autumn series 'Post-It Notes from God'

Sunday 11th September: You're amazing! (Psalm 8) 

Sunday 9th October: I love you! (Psalm 103)

Remembrance Sunday 13th November: Death is not the end! (Psalm 23)

Carol Service Sunday 11th December: Joy to the world! (Psalm 98)

Each service includes traditional and modern songs, prayer, participation by the children, as well as teaching from the Bible 

Please stay after the service for free refreshments and informal chat 

2017 Sunday Afternoon Services @ The Mission 4pm

Spring series: '#Jesus: Following the life of Jesus'

In social media, the hashtag is used to follow a particular person or subject. With #Jesus (hashtag Jesus), we are looking to follow the life journey of Jesus Christ in the run up to Easter; his birth, childhood, adulthood, death and resurrection.

Sunday 8th January: A new year and a new direction!

Sunday 12th February: The childhood of Jesus

Sunday 12th March: The adulthood of Jesus

Sunday 9th April: The death and resurrection of Jesus